Expect the spring pool in warm weather. When the swimming season approaches, you want to enjoy the pool before the arrival of autumn and make the most of it.

One of the best ways to spend more pool time each season is to make it as functional and fun at night as it is during the day. Because pool owners can choose from a wide range of pool lights, it’s easy to do. From underwater lights to floating lanterns, there are many rainbow-colored styles and designs that can turn your pool into a nighttime paradise.

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If you want to prepare your pool for nighttime use, it’s always a good idea to turn on the pool cover first. This makes it easier to get in and out of the pool and makes your pool safer for everyone. Fortunately, adding stylish and decorative lighting to your pool deck doesn’t have to be expensive or energy-intensive. Many pool equipment and supply retailers offer solar powered patio lighting that illuminates your pool without electricity. If your pool is fenced, consider pool lights designed to attach to deck pillars or pool railings. This way, your lighting blends in with the overall pool environment.

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Once you have a well-lit pool deck, it’s time to think about your pool options. Pool lighting right next to the pool makes swimming at night easier and safer and also makes your swimming pool an eye-catching wonder. Even if you have an above ground pool, there are several different lights to help bring your pool to life at night. For example, above ground pool lights are standard, they attach to the edge of the pool and brightly illuminate the pool. Floor lights can also provide mood lighting, especially if you use lamps with colored lenses. Some above ground pool lights also have a fountain attachment, which creates an even more impressive impression.

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While there are pool lighting solutions specifically designed for above ground pools, there are many different lighting styles and options that can be used for both above ground and above ground pools. Pool lighting is a particularly popular and economical form of lighting that can be used in all types of swimming pools. Generally, battery or solar powered pool lights can provide both an exciting atmosphere and light to your pool. Floating luminaires are available in circular and elegant lamps. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can easily turn your pool into a nighttime spectacle with floating lights.

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