Like everything around us, there are big changes in pool design concept. The rectangular water pool has become an expression of style. The home pool is an extension of the personality of the owner, but in hotels and resorts it shows the level of luxury offered.

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The shape of the pool is no longer limited to dull rectangles. They come in a variety of shapes, such as circles, ovals, oblongs, figure eights, or any other thin shape. There are also countless shades of blue and green in the color of the tiles used. Some artists have borrowed their creativity and produced breathtaking murals and mosaics of related subjects such as mermaids, underwater landscapes, fish and other aquatic animals, or simply the waves of the sea.

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Many people design swimming pool designs to suit their tastes and lifestyle. These modern pools can have a temperature controller, hot and cold pools, a Jacuzzi, a kiddie pool or even a bar! The edges are also unique. They can join the water or they can have stairs leading to the water.


Another concept that has helped change pool design is the use of landscaping around the pool. The greenery around the pool made the bathing experience more soothing, relaxing and brought us closer to nature. While the designer pools with their lush surrounds, waterfalls, and colorful mosaics brought a fresh air to the whole concept, that luxury can come at a price.

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Equipment and Tools

The market is full of state-of-the-art swimming pool equipment and support equipment. Elegant lighting, water showers, musical fountains, temperature controls and automatic filtration equipment. Comfortable lounge chairs, colorful umbrellas and inflatable floats make the pool experience unforgettable.

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The devices available on the market to update the design of your swimming pool are suitable for pockets of all sizes. High quality control standards ensure that the products are worth the money. In addition, pool maintenance is no longer a boring, retrograde routine. Scientifically designed discs are easy to clean and maintain. Glass, mosaic or ceramic tiles are available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

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