Tiny (small) houses on wheels

Tiny houses on wheels have become popular in recent years. The movement has gone from tiny homes to tiny homes on wheels. Tiny homes on wheels are small homes made of standard materials and are constructed and attached to the trailer frame, and that can be pulled behind a vehicle, such as a mobile trailer. Such “homes” are not considered homes per se, but are considered recreational vehicles by most governments in the U.S..

These small homes range in size from approximately 100-200 square feet . Because Tiny houses on wheels are on wheels, they are considered travel trailers, and do not require a building permit. Of course, they must meet the Department of Transportation instructions size limits, so you are basically building an RV. Many people place them in the backyards, and use them for spare room or office space. They are also used primarily for housing, also parked in the backyard, RV parks, or to set a personal amount of land. But be aware, some local governments have strict rules about living in an mobile housing unit or “RV” on a residential zoned property and you may not be able to reside in the tiny house unless moved to a location that allows “RV” type vehicles to be lived in (such as an RV park).

Tiny houses on wheels design

Tiny houses on wheels ideas

I saw a guy on You Tube build his own mini house by watching other You Tube videos on construction. It was pretty amazing. These videos are cool to watch but you really need plans if you are going to do this. Recommend getting a good book that has several plans that you can browse and choose from:

Often theses homes are self-sufficient with their own electrical and plumbing systems. These can be conventional septic systems and electrical connection, or it can be equipped with tank and electrical connections for the a journey of the trailer. You can also live off the network if you can be frugal with electric use and equip the home with solar energy or wind power and recycling systems, composting or incineration toilet, or the type of systems you might find in a boat.

Tiny houses on wheels

To build your own plans to build a small house on wheels, or buy a finished home, there are many options for your special needs. A tiny house on wheels is a cheap option if you desire to live a simpler life. I have included a link to small house living above so you can see what it might be like before taking the plunge. I would imagine its a major lifestyle change.