Mantra Canopy Bed for Good Feng Shui Bedroom

Mantra Canopy Bed defines you good feng shui on your bedroom. The bedroom will get a super sophisticated look if you use mantra canopy bed inside. The design and details are very special and interesting shaped by curved platform. Your sleeping will be satisfied by all good views and protection of feng shui. Not only the high value of good feng shui that filled on the design of canopy bed, the exceptional design of canopy bed will give extravagant value on your bedroom performance. The unique designs are making by high technique by expert furniture designer to make the best canopy bed designs.

The Noble Vogue of Mantra Canopy Bedroom

The design of feng shui mantra canopy bed are making for the fortunate life that filled by Goodness and Nature protection. Feng shui taught you all the high noble value of goodness that will protect your life with the balance of nature elements. Choosing mantra canopy bedroom will make the great icon of feng shui protection inside your home. The great value of feng shui and beautiful mantra bed design will give you exceptional bedroom that will be good also for yoga meditation and relaxation time.

Mantra canopy bed will give you a chance to have special relaxing bedroom that designed with very special and unique design. The unique design usually made from wooden material or elastic plastic platform with curved design or crescent view on the bed. The design by Mauro Bertame showed you the luxury design of mantra canopy bed for your eccentric bedroom. The special tiles are completing the matrass with soft textiles of bedcover. The composition is using high technology making for the design from electromagnetic foundation.

Mantra Canopy Bed

Mantra Canopy Bed Celeste

Mantra Canopy Bed Private Cloud

Mantra Canopy Bed Whimsical Horchow

The Price of Mantra Canopy Bed

Very beautiful design with the combination of square bed with curved floor like on the bed head will make your bedroom very eccentric and fabulous look. High value of feng shui on the bed content of design will give you great protection of fortune and good life. Everything about mantra canopy bed will give you peaceful sleep that begins at the price of US$15,588.