Kitchen Flooring Remodeling Ideas

How to Choose a Kitchen Flooring Material

When choosing a kitchen flooring material, it is good to think about what is most important to you.  Are you looking for durability?  Price? Ease of installation?  Beauty?  One kitchen flooring material to consider is stone.  Stone tile is a trend in kitchen flooring as it is very beautiful.  The transformation from a linoleum kitchen flooring to a stone tile kitchen flooring is dramatic.  One of the reasons that stone is so beautiful is that no two pieces are alike.  Unlike ceramic or porcelain designer tile flooring, the texture and color is not printed on the tile but is natural and infinitely variable.  Stone has a natural glow that is hard to deny.  Stone tile flooring is durable as the color goes all the way through.

Finished Installation, Whole Kitchen

Avoid the Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Using stone tile flooring in the kitchen is a good choice but be sure to take care with moving objects, especially heavy appliances, over the tile in your kitchen.  Although the color goes all the way through, deep scratches in the stone can be unattractive.  Also, be sure to select a stone tile that goes with the color of your kitchen cabinets, and kitchen counter tops. Also, I would say that unless you are experienced with laying tile, installing stone tile in a kitchen is not a “do it yourself-er” type of job. Stone requires experience with laying grout. With regular ceramic tile, you only need to grout in between the tile. With stone tile flooring, you also need to grout the whole surface as there are many small imperfections that can hold food and dirt. And of course, the whole surface of the stone needs to be protected by tile and grout sealer.

stone kitchen tile installation

Stone Can Be Affordable and Beautiful

Before you say that stone tile flooring is too expensive. Be sure you look around for sales and deals, you can find good deal on stone tile if you look for sales are wait for small batch and discontinued stone tile flooring.