Kids Room Paint Ideas for Both Sexes

Kids room paint ideas are hard to come by, only because there are too many choices you can find. That is why you usually only settle on kids room paint ideas for girls or kids room paint ideas boys. We have so many other colors than pink and blue that will work great on your kid’s room, whether they are boys or girls. Moreover, think of the possibility of your kids having a sibling of a different gender that will share the room with them. Here are the ideas that will be the winners for that case.

Kids Room Paint Ideas for Colors

Kids room paint ideas can be brought to life even only with colors. The trick with colors is always about mix and match. For both girls and boys, neutral colors like white, beige and brown of all shades are great. Red, green and orange are also considered unisex colors. All of them need an accent color, though, which can be easily fulfilled by the furniture in the room. A room full of white and only white will be boring and uninteresting. Do not be afraid to add dark colors like black. Contrary to popular beliefs, black does not always bring a depressing feeling. It is all about the color combination. Think along the lines of a huge blackboard with white writings and drawings.

Sometimes the kids room paint ideas come from the children themselves. When your kids are old enough, they are bound to have a favorite color or two. What to do when one wants pink and the other insists on blue? Worry not. Again, it is all in the color combination, and in this case, the shades. A lighter shade of blue like aqua or sky blue will look good next to a light pink. Paint both color in a vertical or horizontal stripe pattern and it will look great.

Kids Room Paint Ideas

Kids Room Paint Ideas Circles

Kids Room Paint Ideas for Boys

Kids Room Paint Ideas for Girls

The Trend of Kids Room Paint Ideas

The newest trend for kids’ room paint is painting the room with more than one color. Imagine a wall separated with a horizontal line in the middle. Paint the upper part with beige, and the lower part with brown. That is the way it shall look. Picking a single or two color schemes and make a pattern out of them are also  great kids room paint ideas that is in trend nowadays.