Keeping the under sink cabinet clean and organized

An under sink cabinet is a common fixture in most bathrooms and kitchens. However, if not cleaned and kept organized, this cabinet can very quickly transform into a nest for germs, insects and spills. Also, since the cabinet under the sink are directly under a water line, you occasionally have to check for leaks and make sure that the area is dry at all times. If there is a leak, fix it as soon as possible. Wipe off the water and sanitize the area quickly.

How to keep your under sink cabinet clean and organized

As can be seen from the pictures below, it is very useful to have some type of organization system. Especially one that keeps items off the floor of the under sink cabinet. Heaven forbid you should develop a leak under your sink and you do not have a nice organization system like this to keep your items off of the floor of the cabinet as you will likely lose many of the items to water damage. In addition, if you have one container fail, it will glue itself to the floor of the cabinet. Why not have this system below and never dig/search for items again, plus protect your cabinet floor.

under sink cabinet

Here’s a nice system I recommend (click picture below)

under sink cabinet
Found this one too (click picture)

under sink cabinet

A cabinet under the sink can be a very useful space in your kitchen or bath. But its full usefulness and capacity is not realized without beefing up your organization with simple under sink cabinet “furniture”