Japanese Bath House over the World

Japanese Bath House or famous as Sento is a public bathroom where everybody have to pay for entrance. In Japan, sento are a space to taking bath together and on the previous time usually it is an open air space where many people are naked and take a bath together.

Japanese Bath House: A Piece of History

Japanese Bath House or communal baths in the previous time the ancient believe that water is a holy element to clean not only to the body but the soul also. That’s why in the past, it is built in a separated area from the village where everybody lives. It is symbolize to clean the evil spirits first before they enter the village. In the past it built like a pool in the open air. From time to time the bath house is developed into many rooms. Currently either Japanese bath house Tokyo or Japanese bath house Chicago are renewed and renovate with many room and function as the social media to being socialize.

Japanese Bath House Feature

In over the world Japanese bath house are being popular and built based on the traditional common sento design and feature. Usually the parts of the bath house are shown below. In front of the house there is an entrance. From the outside, with a Japanese barrier in front of the entrance, it looks like a temple. There is an area followed by two long curtains with shoe lockers on each side after the entrance. The entrance leads to the changing room or familiar as datsuijo. It is differ slightly and similar for men’s and women’s.

Japanese Bath House

Japanese Bath House Design

Japanese Bath House Garden

Japanese Bath House Tokyo

After the changing room, there is a main room, the tiled bathing are. At the wall there are some washing stations.  In the middle of the room you could find a shower head and two faucets, for cold water one and another one for hot water. Then, there are a boiler room and sauna room inside. Japanese bath house could be a good choice to both being socialize and refreshing body.