Islamic House Interior Design Give a Religious Nuance for the Occupants

There are many Islamic House interior designs which are spread worldwide. Islam has spread throughout the world since prophet of Muhammad SAW. It spread by our last prophet, companion of the prophet, religious leader and many more. Islam has been influence in human life but it is influenced for the design of the Islamic house in various regions. People who build an Islamic house to make the atmosphere of their house become more comfort, safe, peace, religious, and it can make the occupant feel closer to the God. Therefore, if you want to build a house with Islamic nuance, you can follow these ideas below.

Designing an Islamic House Interior from the Ornaments and Color

It is quite easy to build an Islamic House Interior because we can find Islamic goods in around us. If you want to make your house more religious, you can put some things which it is represent an Islamic nuance. For example, you can put carpet that made from fabric not made from plastic. Then, you can paint your house with white color then you hang some calligraphy or Islamic picture such as picture of Ka’bah. Garnish your house with an air vent formed of Arabic calligraphy. Beside in the air vent, calligraphy can be employed in the wall, door, and pole. You can carve your door with Arabic word “Assalamu’alaikum”. Event tough you can only paint your house with white color if you like neutral color. Also you can display Al Quran and prayer beads on the table in the prayer room or in the living room. Then hang lamps that dome-shape in the living room or in the dining room. Put some porcelain in the terrace of one of your room to increase a beauty house. Besides it can be applied in the lamp, it can be applied in the door, window, and the rest. Put a room divider from rattan in one of the corner of your house. Besides white color, dark green, maroon, pink, and brown are suitable to employ in a house with Islamic nuance. So you can choose those colors to paint your house.

Designing from the Specific room and Direction of the Islamic House Interior

The Islamic house interior design is simple but it is wonderful and unique. Commonly, there should be a prayer room in the Islamic house interior. The reason is Sholat (it is the name for worship of Islam) is the primary thing which cannot be abandoned. The reason is the first case that be asked God to us is sholat. If our worship is good, we can live in His wonderful Paradise. For Islam, prayer can be done in congregation but also it can be done by self. Prayer can be done in the mosque, home, school, and so on. Because of the importance of prayer almost every house in Javanese has s prayer room. It not needs large room but it should be available by Moslem. The prayer room can be placed in the front near of living room, in the middle of the house, or behind side near kitchen room and bedroom. To give Islamic nuance, make your bathroom and the rest room toilet face to north or south because Islam ban toilet facing to west or east. Although the door faced to west or east but the closet must face to north or south.

Islamic House Interior

Islamic House Interior Colors

Islamic House Interior Exterior

Islamic House Interior Picture

In conclude, it is quite easy to make a house with an Islamic house. You can put Islamic things like carpet from fabric, garnish your house with Arabic word and furniture that is shaped like dome and paint with white, maroon, green, pink, or brown. Furthermore, build a prayer room, bathroom and rest room as Islamic rules. If you want to build an Islamic house interior, I think you can try our ideas above.