Finding a store that sells wholesale bathroom vanities

wholesale bathroom vanity(ies). Would you like to save a bunch of money on a bathroom vanity and have something that looks great too? There are ways to have a very nice bathroom vanity at a price a lot cheaper than a regular bathroom vanity at a home store. Once you have the vanity, all you will need is the fixtures. As a retail customer, you should be able to easily find the sinks and fixtures that you need. don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of people out there looking for the wholesale products. So if you are looking for them as well, read on to know exactly where you can find bathroom vanities at wholesale prices.

Getting a wholesale bathroom vanity

One of the best places to look for the wholesale vanities is the internet. There are a lot of online stores that sell wholesale vanities for the bathroom.
You can also check out factory outlets if you have any in your city. Factory outlets or contractor supply often sell the bathroom vanities at a discount. Call these places before you go to make sure that they will sell to the general public. Often times they have great sales on discontinued or surplus items.

wholesale bathroom vanity
wholesale bathroom vanity
wholesale bathroom vanity

The final way to get a wholesale bathroom vanity, is to not buy a vanity at all, but to “adaptively re-use” a piece of furniture and turn it into a vanity. Sounds crazy but you can end up with a very cool bath vanity. How about an old school desk, or an antique dresser. If its not high enough put a base under it, make sure it has plenty of water proofing urethane on top (or put tile on top!) cut the top and put in your sink and plumbing. Here’s an example. A vanity like this with a sink would be very expensive, probably close to $1000. But this vanity without a sink is cheap (click on pic)

Viola! Now that you know where you can find a wholesale bathroom vanity, go forth an conquer.