Dining Room Color Ideas for Modern Homes

Dining room color ideas focus on what color to paint the walls with and the color combination of the walls with the other furniture in the room. Color is an important factor of interior design that can set up the mood in the whole room, so it’s no easy matter. What you choose will decide how formal your dining room is and how comfortable you will be with the mood it set.

The Common Scheme of Dining Room Color Ideas

Dining room color ideas 2012 brings us the minimalist and modern look with neutral colors being both the base and the accent colors. Black dining table against white walls is one of the most common dining room color ideas, creating a simple, clean and elegant color scheme. The same simple and elegant feeling with a tad of vintage will be induced by dark wood table against beige or white wall. This is also one of the popular color schemes for modern home.

The Unique Schemes of Dining Room Color Ideas

The less used but not less attractive color combination would be green and yellow. This combination will bring your dining room a fresh, modern and bright feeling. Another modern dining room color ideas would be the combination of black and white with splashes of orange. The lone combination of dark brown or black with orange will also look modern and inviting. An even more unique dining room color ideas would be reddish-orange against blue. Few even think these two colors will go well together, but a dining room is hard pressed to get any homier than the feeling this combination brings.

 Dining Room Color Ideas

Dining Room Color Ideas 2012

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Dining Room Color Ideas with Chair Rail

Besides these combinations, there are also olive green with white or black, mahogany red against grey, light blue with white and any color with its different shades. The easiest way to know which one you like best would be through a little bit of research for examples of the colors you’re interested in. Hopefully one of the colors mentioned here will bring you an inspiration for another dining room color ideas, too.