Box Installation as the Great Concept

Box installation is the thing that you can get if you want to get the unique look in your room or home as a whole. This can be great decoration. Most people think that box is the usual thing and cannot be used as something decorative. On the contrary, you can be sure that with this kind of decoration, you can get the thing you need. You should know that box arrangement can be used as both interior and exterior decoration. One thing for sure, this decoration style will be perfect if you want to get futuristic and modern style in your home.

Box Installation Decoration

Box installation decoration consists of many kinds of boxes. For example, you can use shoe boxes as the decoration. All you have to do is just arranging your shoe boxes into something that can reach wall length. Yet, the length can be various. It depends on your personal preference. First, you should find the shoe box that has colorful motifs or at least vibrant color. Next, you should stick them together with super glue. Or, you can use another substance that can be useful to stick the box with each other. You can use the stack of box installation like this as the room divider.

Box Installation Concept

If you want a more complicated box installation concept, you can use this as exterior decoration. You should find one that is professional enough to get your box installation. The idea is, for example, you can arrange the boxes to form a cave, so that the guests that come to your path will enter this “cave”.

Box Installation

Light Box Installation

Box Installation Art

Shoe Box Installation

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Or, you can also put the boxes around your yard. Yet, make sure that the boxes are interesting and eye-catching enough. You can buy the neon-color boxes. It is the glow-in-the-dark one. With that, in the evening you will find that your boxes will shine. This is the common thing you can find in box installation.