Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom 2012 Trends

Bathroom vanities for bathroom can be found in almost every bathroom, regardless of how old your bathrooms are. They come at every shapes, size and style imaginable and serve well as both a decoration and a functional storage space in your bathroom. As the 2012 year is coming to an end, let’s analyze the trends we’ve seen so far.

Floating Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom

  One trick to make bathroom vanities for small bathroom useful is by choosing the floating type. With the ragging popularity of ‘hidden-in-the-walls’ trend of bathroom interior designing, bathroom vanities for bathroom also find their footing moved into the wall instead of on the floor. The choosing of floating vanity makes the illusion of a bigger bathroom, and therefore becomes the obvious choice of bathroom vanities for narrow bathroom.

Just because the vanities are floating nowadays doesn’t mean they hold a smaller storage space. Instead, it even seems that the storage space available is getting bigger and bigger. This is again caused by the trend of hiding stuffs behind the wall. Vanity used to be furniture of decoration and a hiding façade for sink’s pipes. Nowadays, the pipes are hidden well behind the walls, and those spaces that used to hide pipes are now free for storage usage. Because of that, the modern bathroom vanities for bathroom can really be used as storage space.

Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom

Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom Collection

Original Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom

Traditional Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom

Bathroom Vanities for Bathroom Artistic Decoration

One certain different thing about bathrooms today compared to how they were two decades ago is how they are perceived by homeowners. Bathroom used to be a functional space, where people take a shower or use the toilet. Nowadays it is a private place of relaxation and comfort, so the space should be both comfortable and beautiful. Vanities serve in this regard as an artistic decoration for the bathroom to be able to be enjoyed visually. That would be the cause of the more design and style of bathroom vanities for bathroom in 2012.