Finding a store that sells wholesale bathroom vanities

wholesale bathroom vanity(ies). Would you like to save a bunch of money on a bathroom vanity and have something that looks great too? There are ways to have a very nice bathroom vanity at a price a lot cheaper than a regular bathroom vanity at a home store. Once you have the vanity, all you will need is the fixtures. As a retail customer, you should be able to easily find the sinks and fixtures that you need. don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of people out there looking for the wholesale products. So if you are looking for them as well, read on to know exactly where you can find bathroom vanities at wholesale prices.

Getting a wholesale bathroom vanity

One of the best places to look for the wholesale vanities is the internet. There are a lot of online stores that sell wholesale vanities for the bathroom.
You can also check out factory outlets if you have any in your city. Factory outlets or contractor supply often sell the bathroom vanities at a discount. Call these places before you go to make sure that they will sell to the general public. Often times they have great sales on discontinued or surplus items.

wholesale bathroom vanity
wholesale bathroom vanity
wholesale bathroom vanity

The final way to get a wholesale bathroom vanity, is to not buy a vanity at all, but to “adaptively re-use” a piece of furniture and turn it into a vanity. Sounds crazy but you can end up with a very cool bath vanity. How about an old school desk, or an antique dresser. If its not high enough put a base under it, make sure it has plenty of water proofing urethane on top (or put tile on top!) cut the top and put in your sink and plumbing. Here’s an example. A vanity like this with a sink would be very expensive, probably close to $1000. But this vanity without a sink is cheap (click on pic)

Viola! Now that you know where you can find a wholesale bathroom vanity, go forth an conquer.

Decoration Ideas and Tips for a Small Flat

Decoration Ideas for a Small Flat . You can get some interesting ideas and decorating tips from here. Basically, flat is a rental apartment that does not have a private staircase. In Great Britain they like to call apartments flats. But in the US we just call them apartments. However, we do generally think of a flat as being a small apartment

Interior Design forSmall Flat Decoration Ideas

Managing interior design with small flat is bit different than a general interior home setting. Because of the small size and sometimes awkward room shape you just have a limited area to divide the room. Sometimes you will find that you need to have multiple purposes served in your rooms. For example, if you only have one room, that one room will have to double as a bedroom and a living room. Using a murphy bed in this situation can be very useful

The Furniture Arrangement for Small Flat

The amount of furniture you can place in your small flat will be limited. You also need more attention to providing the lighting and air circulation inside your flat (see below). You can bring nature into your flat by using fresh flowers in a vase near the window. The connection to nature outside will make your flat seem larger.
As you can see from the pictures below, all of the furniture is moved to the perimeter and as close to the walls as possible. This makes the room feel larger. It is tempting to put furniture closer together, to utilize a coffee table for example, but this will waste a lot of space between the walls and the furniture and you will also create a space that is difficult to keep clean.

Small Flat Decoration Ideas

Small Flat Decoration Ideas

Small Flat Decoration Ideas Apartment

Small Flat Decoration Ideas Apartment

Small Flat Decoration Ideas Interior

Small Flat Decoration Ideas Interior

Small Flat Decoration Ideas Studio

You should use a light color which brings a bigger feel in your flat. If you want to use employ a wall in a room to create two spaces, I strongly recommend the IKEA Kallax system which provides a wall, but lets in light and air and doubles as a shelf for placing nick nacks (click image below)!

Hope all this small flat decorating ideas will be useful for you.

Tiny (small) houses on wheels

Tiny houses on wheels have become popular in recent years. The movement has gone from tiny homes to tiny homes on wheels. Tiny homes on wheels are small homes made of standard materials and are constructed and attached to the trailer frame, and that can be pulled behind a vehicle, such as a mobile trailer. Such “homes” are not considered homes per se, but are considered recreational vehicles by most governments in the U.S..

These small homes range in size from approximately 100-200 square feet . Because Tiny houses on wheels are on wheels, they are considered travel trailers, and do not require a building permit. Of course, they must meet the Department of Transportation instructions size limits, so you are basically building an RV. Many people place them in the backyards, and use them for spare room or office space. They are also used primarily for housing, also parked in the backyard, RV parks, or to set a personal amount of land. But be aware, some local governments have strict rules about living in an mobile housing unit or “RV” on a residential zoned property and you may not be able to reside in the tiny house unless moved to a location that allows “RV” type vehicles to be lived in (such as an RV park).

Tiny houses on wheels design

Tiny houses on wheels ideas

I saw a guy on You Tube build his own mini house by watching other You Tube videos on construction. It was pretty amazing. These videos are cool to watch but you really need plans if you are going to do this. Recommend getting a good book that has several plans that you can browse and choose from:

Often theses homes are self-sufficient with their own electrical and plumbing systems. These can be conventional septic systems and electrical connection, or it can be equipped with tank and electrical connections for the a journey of the trailer. You can also live off the network if you can be frugal with electric use and equip the home with solar energy or wind power and recycling systems, composting or incineration toilet, or the type of systems you might find in a boat.

Tiny houses on wheels

To build your own plans to build a small house on wheels, or buy a finished home, there are many options for your special needs. A tiny house on wheels is a cheap option if you desire to live a simpler life. I have included a link to small house living above so you can see what it might be like before taking the plunge. I would imagine its a major lifestyle change.

A wall hung (floating) vanity in the bathroom

A lot of people these days are opting for a wall hung vanity in their bathroom. Also known as a floating vanity, these vanities are small and can be wall mounted, thereby saving a lot of space. And since the floor remains free, you have the liberty to place other things on the floor. As you can see, these are very modern designs and if you are going for a modern look, then consider looking into a wall hung vanity.

Popular wall hung vanity designs

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you could consider placing some wall mounted vanities since there’s less for a taller person to bang their legs on and can be wheel chair accessible (which is not possible with a floor mounted vanity). Also, they are great for small bathrooms since the lack of a base means less stuff in the bathroom and that will make the bathroom look larger. It would be advisable to walk into a store and see what they have. Since these items are so popular nowadays, more and more designs are available in the stores but they still might not have the look you are going for. In that case, check the trusty internet as always.

Or if you are really creative, you could could design yourself or consult an interior designer and get the vanity made by your carpenter.

wall hung vanity
wall hung vanity

wall hung vanity

Another benefit, you can alter the height at which they’d be placed and this would be convenient as well. If you dont have to accommodate a handicapped family member, that means you wont need to bend down, as you would with a floor mounted model. So go ahead and buy a stunning wall hung vanity for your bathroom and give it a whole new look.